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Divinehaat as the name signifies is a space which functions beyond the business boundaries of a market place. The very idea behind the conception of Divinehaat was not something lesser than being divine. Although Divinehaat now successfully functions as a business entity but the core values behind this venture are far more soulful and foresighted. Before we initiated the procedure of starting Divinehaat a lot of exclusive research was conducted to fully comprehend and understand the tangents of handicrafts production and consumption in India. Peculiarly, one very interesting fact which caught our attention was how our country made handicrafts were lagging behind other foreign made and machine manufactured products. We were appalled looking at the statistical data that this practice while sidelining the handmade pieces of art was actually hampering the overall economy of our nation at the same time. Similarly, there are many other prevailing practices which motivated us to take a step which would eventually summon a change. Through Divinehaat we aim to replace other souvenir items with our country made handicrafts. This will not only support our national campaign for ‘Make in India’ but also open new avenues and better employment opportunities for the artisans. Our goal is to open a new economical channel which will revolutionize the handicrafts industry altogether. The artisans creating these wonderful items in remote villages of our country deserve to be brought into the limelight. Also, through divinehaat we aspire to motivate people to help our society by buying these products. Another very crucial factor which cemented our decision to start this venture was how these machine made products are drastically impacting our environment in a bad way. Undoubtedly we are aware that the products we mostly use for gifts and souvenirs are made from artificial materials which are not bio-degradable. With the number of such products used across the country we can only imagine how bad our environment is being affected by these items. We believe that streamlining the handicrafts industry will expose this rare and unique art form to more number of people which in turn will benefit our environment in long run.. At Divinehaat our entire team takes pride in bringing these artisans and their pieces of art not just on a national platform but our goal is to make Indian handicrafts a talk of the town in international market. We proudly associate ourselves with ‘Make in India’ campaign which will empower these artisans to flourish economically while raising the financial index of our country. Also, not to forget by promoting usage of handicrafts instead of other artificial materials we are doing our bit to save our planet

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